Power Injektor 2 Port PoE Switch RJ45 Konnektor für IP Kamera Netzteil Konnektor Strom Internet Verteiler

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Power Injektor 2 Port PoE Switch RJ45 Konnektor für IP Kamera Netzteil Konnektor Strom Internet Verteiler

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PoE 2-Port Switch


PoE Injector is also called as Power over Ethernet mid-span devices. Single port PoE injector, that is PoE power supply module, ist he most flexible and the hottest products among the power supply devices. There are 2x RJ45 ports for these single-port PoE injectors, one of which ist he Ethernet in Port fort he uplink upper switches or other upper network devices, and another is PoE Out port used as the port for network data and power output. These single-port PoE injectors supply power with the spare line pair 1/2 (+), 3/6 (-) method or the data line 1/2 (+), 3/6 (-) pair method.

These single-port PoE injectors provide a simple, economical, high-performance and intelligent way for Ethernet PoE power supply and data communication. It´s ideal choice for those who need the superior quality project because of ist simple use, easy to install. Superior performance and cost-effective. They can supply power to HD webcam through Cat5 Ethernet cable, in order that make it more flexible for the places difficult to connect to power supply, and provide with more effecient solutions.


Product Name

Single Port PoE Injector (100M/ 25.5W)

Port Description

2x Copper Cable RJ-45 Ports

PoE Power Supply

End-span: 1/2 , 3/6 data line pair (default);

Mid-span: 4/5 , 7/8 spare line pair (can be customized)


Network Medium

10BASE-T: 3, 4, 5 Cat UTP (<100 meters)

100BASE-TX: 5Cat and more UTP (<100 meters)

1000BASE-TX: 5Cat and more UTP (<100 meters)

Thermal Protection




PoE output voltage: 48V

10/100, Mbps working rate

Network port protection : meet with IEC61000-4-2(ESD)

MTBF: 190,000 hours (about 21 years)



Protocols and Standards

IEEE 802.3i 10BASET

IEEE 802.3u 100BASETX

IEEE 802.3x Flow Control

IEEE 802.1at DTE Power via MDI

IEEE 802.3at

LEDs Indicator

PoE working status



Total power: 16W(IEEE802.3af)/30W(IEEE802.3at)

PoE port power: 25.5W(IEEE802.3at)

AC input voltage: 90-264V


Working Environment

Operating Temperature: 0? ~ 55?, Storage Temperature: -20? ~ 75?

Working Humidity: 10% ~ 90%, non-condensing

Storage Humidity: 10% ~ 95%, non-condensing


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